Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 2011, 6


This issue publishes short stories by Tanya Malyarchuk “Bestiary” translated from Ukrainian by Elena Marinicheva, the final part of a novel by Maria Galina “Mole Crickets”, and also short story by Nina Gorlanova and Vyacheslav Bukur “Trophimka Makes a Free Choice”.

A poetry section of this issue is composed of the new poems by Oleg Khebnikov, Anna Arkatova, Vladimir Aleynikov and Yury Smirnov.

Sections offerings are following:

New Translations: The X song of Ludovico Ariosto’s poem “Orlando Furioso” in the translation from Italian by Evgeny Solonovich.

Heritage: “On Passing and Eternal” – selected diary notes (1930 — 1934) by Varvara Malahieva-Mirovitch, a friend of the famous philosopher Lev Shestov.

Essais: The main theme of Grigory Amelin’s essay “King Fisher” is a Word as an Image and an Image as a Word.

Comments: Alla Latynina’s article “The Soviet Rule has Killed Them All…” is dedicated to a new novel of Lyudmila Ulitskaya “A Green Marquee” (“Imago”).

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