Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 2010, 7


This issue publishes the short story by Mariya Galina “The Underground Sea”, extracts from the book by Nina Shnirman “A Happy Girl”, the short story by Boris Yekimov “The Fest”, chapters from the new biography book by Aleksey Varlamov “Andrey Platonov” and also short stories by Oleg Hafizov “The Country of Flowers and Outrage”. The poetry section of this issue is composed of the new poems by Dmitry Strotsev, Olga Sulchinskaya, Elena Ushakova, Anna Zolotareva, Andrey Egorov and also verses by Ukrainian poet Sergey Zhadan translated by Boris Khersonsky.

Section offerings are following:

Philosophy, History, Politic: “The Meal for Gods and Rabbits. Russian Revolution and Kulturology of Food” — the article by Aleksander Kulyapin and Olga Skubatch.

Essais: the article by Dmitry Kapustin “Anton Chekhov’s world tour” — the documental story about Chekhov’s traveling from Moscow to Moscow via Sakhalin and also autobiographic essay by Ruslan Kireev “Jazz That I Have Missed”.

Literary Critique: The article by Evgeny Abdullaev “Extensive Literature of the 2000-th” continues the cycle of our magazine publications dedicated to literature of the last decade.

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