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«Новый Мир» 2010, №4

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This issue publishes the short novels by Anton Mikhailov “The Rotten Water” and by Sergey Shargunov “Vas-Vas”, also the non-fiction short novel by Pavel Basinsky “Shamordin’s Horror”. The poetry section of this issue is composed of the new poems by Dmitry Bak, Anatoly Nayman, Andrey Vasilevsky and Boris Khersonsky.

The sections offerings are following:

New Translations: Classic verses by Dylan Thomas in the translation of Arkady Shtypel.

Essais: Writers about writers. “Vonnegut’s Transformations” by Vladimir Berezin, “An Orthodox Rebellious” by Oleg Yermakov about Paul Bowles, “The Testament of Lieutenant Kuprin” by Alexander Karasyov and “Reider’s Usutpation of Days Gone By, and Legend Founded” by Sergey Soloukh about Jaroslav Haыsek.

Comments: Alla Latynina’s article “The Chechnya War of German Sadulaev” about doppelganger theme in Sadulaev’s proza.

Literature Critique: The article by Leonid Kostyukov “New Age Inflexions” continues discussion about modern poetry which was opened in the first issue of the year.

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