Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 2010, 1


This issue publishes the short novel by Vasily Golovanov “The Secret Language of Birds”, the short story by Vladimir Makanin “Night… Comma… Night”, the short story by Roman Senchin “All is OK” and the short story by Maxim Osipov “Little Lord Fauntleroy”. The poetry section of this issue is composed of the new poems by Yury Kublanovsky, Evgeny Karasyov, Viktor Kullae, Valery Lobanov and verses by Sona Van in the translation from Armenian by Inna Lisnyanskaya.

The sections offerings are following:

Time and Morals: The article by Gennagy Prashkevitch “My └Novy Mir”” dedicated to the 85 anniversary of “Novy Mir”.

Literature Critique: The article by Lev Danilkin “Kludge” and by Ilya Kukulin “To Create a Human Being Till You Are Not a Human Being Yourself Yet” — the last decade modern prose and poetry analytic survey.

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