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толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 2009, 6


This issue publishes short stories by Oleg Yermakov from the book “Arithmetic of War”, the short novel by Mikhail Nazarenko “The Ceylon Island”, the novelette by Natalya Rubanova “Lepidoptera” and the short story by Tanya Malyarchuk “Zvetka and her I” in translation from Ukrainian by Elena Marinicheva.

The poetry section consists of new poems by Svetlana Kekova, Andrey Baranov, Bakhyt Kenzheyev and Valery Prokoshin.

The sections offerings are following:

New translations: poem by Georgian poetry classic Nikolos Baratashvili “Merani” translated by Maksim Amelin.

Philosophy, History, Politics: the article by Yury Kagramanov “Where does └The Silent Revolution” Lead America to?” about multiculturalism as a new social American strategy.

Time and Morals: the article by Anna Muradova “└Celtish” and └Celtischizo”” dedicated to the history of Russian “celtomania”.

Essais: the article by Grigory Kruzhkov “White Goddess and Black Centaur” about symbolic patterns in Robert Graves and William Butler Yeats works and also Mikhail Gorelik’s essay “Gentlemen Stand when Drinking” about literature image of England in Russia.

Comments: the article by Alla Latynina “We Like our Version” about Bulat Okudzhava biography written by Dmitry Bykov.

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