Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 2007, 6


This issue publishes “The Local” — a tale by Vasilina Orlova, “The Bee-keeper Brothers” — stories by Roman Solntsev, “Meganom” — a story by Oleg Zobern, “In Short” — a collection of short stories by Linor Goralik, as well as “Letters by Count Ch. to his Son” — a play for reading by Konstantin Kostenko.

The poetry section of this issue is made up of the new poems by Grigory Kruzhkov, Aleksandr Timofeyevsky, Anna Sayed-Shakh, Aleksey Alyokhin and Andrey Grishayev.

The sectional offerings are as following:

Time and Morals: “Lexicography Neurosis: a Dictionary as a Way to Talk” — an article by Maksim Krongaus.

Comments: “A Dictionary as a Literary Genre” — an article by Alla Latynina.

Both the articles highlight modern literary works composed in the form of a dictionary.

Literary Critique: “Salieri and Mozart” — Irina Surat discusses the best known piece of Aleksandr Pushkin’s “little tragedies” and the myth of Mozart’s murder reproduced in it.

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