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толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 2007, 10


This issue publishes: “Tsunami”, a novel by Gleb Shulpyakov, “The Owner of the Best Gay Club” — a tale by Sergey Zhadan (translated from Ukranian). Also: stories by Dmitry Danilov “Factory. Autumn. Road” and by Dmitry Novikov “The Odour of the Arms”. The poetry section of this issue is made up of the new poems by Irina Yermakova, Andrey Gritsman, Vera Pavlova, Aleksey Smirnov and Vadim Mesyats.

The sectional offerings are as following.

Philosophy, History, Politics: “Transformations of Alexander” by Vasily Golovanov — a modern writer’s view on Alexander the Great and the geopolitical impact of his campaigns.

Close And Distant: “I Enjoy the Living Tissue of Life” — talks with Anastasiya Tsvetayeva on literature (Gorky, Pasternak) and life are reproduced by Mikhail Smirnov whose family was close to her.

The Heritage: Letters by the well-known emigration poet Igor Chinnov to the poet and critic Yury Ivask.

Comments: “The Space and Spies” — an article by Alla Latynina on the latest novel by Vyacheslav Rybakov, a science-fiction author and publicist.

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