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толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 1999, 5




The poetry of the issue is presented by new poems by Alexander Frolov, Denis Novikov and Yevgeny Karasyev.

We are publishing the narrative “Eisenstein’s Apprentice”, a literary debut of prosaist Andrey Savelyev, the short story “Alexeyev is a Happy Man” by Roman Senchin, as well as the memoirs “Around Ordynka Street” by priest Michail Ardov.

The section “Philosophy. History. Politics” contains the article “Forty Days or Forty Years” by Andrey Zubov.

In the section “World of Science” we are publishing the memoirs “A Strictly Confidential Task. From the History of the Nuclear Project in Russia” by physicist Boris Ioffe.

The “Novyi Mir” magazine continues to acquaint the readers with the materials from the Gertsyk-Zhukovskys’ archives, publishing selected letters by Adelaida Gertsyk, a famous poetess of the Silver Century, to her relatives and friends.

The section “Polemics” contains the article “The Book about └Petersburg of Gays” as a phenomenon of Modern Culture” by Michail Zolotonosov.

Michail Arkhangelsky is the author of our traditional section “By the Way”.

Literary criticism of the issue is presented by the article “Dostoevsky and └Relations between the Sexes”” by Vitaly Svintsov.

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