Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 1998, 2





The poetry section of the issue presents poems by Inna Lisnyanskaya, Heinrich Sapgir, Leonid Zavalnyuk and Yevgeny Rein.

We are publishing the beginning of the novel “The Army of Lovers” by Galina Shcherbakova (to be ended in No. 3), as well as short stories by Sergei Zalygin, Semen Faibisovich and Georgy Ball.

The section “New Translations” is presented by extracts from the “Diary” by Witold Gombrowicz (translation from Polish by Yuri Chainikov).

In the section “Publicistics” we are publishing the articles “Forcing out” by Igor Mikhailov and “Farewell to Georgia” by Nadezhda Molchanova about the Russian population in the former Soviet republics.

The section “Writer’s Diary” presents the notes “Beyond the Squabbles” by Yuri Kublanovsky.

In the section “Publications and Reports” we are publishing the article “Pushkin’s Biography as a Matter of Culture” by Irina Surat.

The issue also presents our traditional sections “Reviews”, “Egitor’s Mail”, “Foreign Books about Russia”, “Bibliography”.

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