Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 1997, 1



The poetry section of the issue presents poems by Alexander Kushner, Yuri Kublanovsky, Tatyana Bek and Yekaterina Shevchenko.
We are beginning to publish the novel "Passing of the Shadow" by Irina Polyanskaya (to be ended in No. 2).
We are publishing "Autobiographical Anecdotes" by Bulat Okudzhava and prosaic miniatures "Tiny Pieces" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
The section "New Translations" is presented by the narrative "Confessions" by Swedish producer Ingmar Bergman (translation by A. Afinogenova).
An essay by Boris Yekimov, "In the Snows", occupies the section "Essays of Nowadays".
The section "Philosophy. History. Politics" presents the article "Democracy and Culture" by Yuri Kagramanov.
In the section "Writer's Diary" Alexander Solzhenitsyn writes about the novel "The Naked Year" by Boris Pilnyak.
In the section "Publications and Reports" we are publishing the memoirs by Yekaterina Krasheninnikova about Boris Pasternak, as well as poems by artist Vasily Kandinsky, translated from German.
The section "Literary Criticism" presents an article by Olga Novikova and Vladimir Novikov, on the prose by Valentin Katayev, as well as the article "A Novel of Education" by Dmitry Bavilsky on a short story by Sergei Lando.
In the section "Reviews" Lilya Pann reviews a book of poetry by Lev Losev; Alexander Zakurenko reviews the collected poems by Russian poets of Kiev; Marina Novikova reviews the book by Ukrainian specialist in study of culture Vadim Skuratovsky; Yuri Kublanovsky reviews the collected poems and memoirs by former prisoners; Yevgeny Yermolin reviews the book "At the End of the Second Millennium" by religious conservative Irving Cristol; Tatyana Kasatkina reviews a book of children's literary works, "Pegasus in the Classroom".
In the section "Editor's Mail" we are publishing an article by A. Komech on architecture and town-planning in nowadays' Moscow.
In the section "Foreign Books about Russia" Sergei Larin comments "Modern Russian Literary Guide" by Polish literary critic Tadeusz Klimowicz.
The issue also presents the section "Bibliography" containing annotations of new books and magazines.

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