Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 1996, 9




The poetry section of the issue presents poems by Oleg Chukhontsev, Aleksandr Shatalov, as well as Mikhail Sokovnin (publication by Ivan Akhmetyev).

We are beginning to publish the novel "The Round Dance" by Anton Utkin (to be ended in Nos. 10, 11). We also publishing three short stories by Andrey Volos, as well as "poetic prose" by Andrey Bitov, "Life without Us".

The section "Literary Heritage" is occupied by dairy and working notes from Georgy Semenov's archives (publication and preword by Yelena Semenova).

The section "Philosophy. History. Culture" presents the articles "Potentialities of the Russian Culture" by A. Panarin.

In the section "Times and Morals" we are publishing the article "At a Moral Deadlock" by Vladimir Osherov, prewarded by Yuri Kublanovsky.

The section "Literary Criticism" is presented by articles by Aleksandr Chudakov about Chekhov and by Dmitry Bak about Stanislaw Lem.

The section "By the Way" contains the article "Who Is Marching Right?" by Aleksandr Arkhangelsky.

In the section "Book Review" Irina Rodnyanskaya reviews the novel "Chapayev and Pustota", Alena Zlobina reviews russian translations of the plays by Tom Stoppard; Yevgenia Vorobyova reviews the book by J.-F. Revelle about Prust; Yuri Kublanovsky reviews the collected articles on Konstantin Leontyev and his works; Igor Kuznetsov reviews the book "Russian Political Quotations from Lenin to Yeltsyn" and other publications.

The section "Editor's Mail" presents three letters on the problems of the Russian science.

In the section "Briefly about Books" Olga Mayorova reviews the anthology "Aeon" and Olga Kuznetsova reviews the book "Mythologies" by Rolan Bart.

The issue also presents our traditional sections "Russian Books Abroad", "Bookshelf" and "Periodics".

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