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толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 1995, 4




In this issue we are publishing short stories and narratives by modern Russian prosaists: “The Caucasian Captive” by Vladimir Makanin, “Astronomy of Insects” by Mikhail Butov, “In Our Alms-House” by Grigory Petrov.

The poetry section is presented by poems of provincial authors Evgeny Karasev, Mikhail Sopin, Elena Yagunova, Sergei Vasiliev, as well as by the texts of ten songs written by Dmitry Sukharev for the play “In the Busy Place” by A. Ostrovsky.

Russian spiritual folk songs are collected and commented upon by Olga Yukecheva, with a foreword by Dmitry Pokrovsky.

In the section “New Translations” we are publishing the short story “Hapworth, 16, 1924” by J. Salinger (translation by Inna Bernshtein).

In the section “Essays of Our Days” we are finishing publication, started in 1994 (Nos.1, 3, 6, 9), of the series of travel notes by Boris Yekimov about the Russian province.

The section “Publicistics” presents the essay “New Democracy or New Dictatorship?” by politologist Igor Klyamkin, as well as “Reflections About Liberalism” by Dora Shturman.

In the section “Comments” G. Fedorov presents the book “Nina Karsov’s Diary”, published in Russian in London.

In the section “Writer’s Diary” we are finishing publication of the chapters from the book “The Revived Word” by Vitaly Shentalinsky (see the beginning in No. 3), describing the circumstances of life and personality of M. Gorky on the basis of the materials from the KGB’s archives.

The section “Literary Criticism” is presented by the essay “The Shadow of Amarcord” by Nikita Yeliseev about some tendencies in modern autobiographic prose, with works by Yury Nagibin, Mikhail Kuraev, Inga Petkevich cited as an example.

In the section “By the Way” we are publishing polemical reflections by Alla Marchenko on the novel “Eron” by Anatoly Korolev.

In the section “Book Review” Dmitry Bak reviews the novel “Requiem to a Living Man” by Alan Cherchesov; Vladimir Slavetsky reviews a book of poems by Olga Sedakova; Valery Lipnevich reviews the one by Vladimir Sokolov; Marina Novikova reviews the book by D. Medrish on Pushkin’s works; Elena Sorokina reviews a manual of the history of music, by Tatiana Cherednichenko.

In the section “Editor’s Mail” Yury Kublanovsky enters into polemics with the notes by poet Aleksandr Kushner (No. 10, 1994).

Our traditional sections “Foreign Books About Russia” and “Bookshelf” are also to be found in this issue.


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С. C. Аверинцев, В. П. Астафьев, А. Г. Битов, А. В. Василевский (от-

ветственный секретарь), Д. А. Гранин, А. А. Ким, С. П. Костырко,

С. И. Ларин, Д. С. Лихачев, А. М. Марченко, П. А. Николаев,

С. В. Николаев, И. Б. Роднянская, З. М. Фаткудинов, М. О. Чудакова,

О. Г. Чухонцев, С. А. Яковлев (зам. главного редактора)


Адрес редакции: 103806, ГСП, Москва, К-6, Малый Путинковский пер., д. 1/2. Тел. 200-08-29.

Сдано в набор 20.12.94 г. Подписано к печати 10.2.95 г. Оригинал-макет изготовлен на компьютерах редакции журналa “Новый мир”. Формат бумаги 70х108 1/16 . Бумага кн.-журн. Высокая печать. Объем 16 п. л.

(22,4 усл. печ. л., 22,58 усл. кр.-отт.). 28,02 уч.-изд. л.

Тираж экз. Зак. . Цена договорная.

При участии издательства “Известия”. Москва, Пушкинская пл., 5.

Типография имени И. И. Скворцова-Степанова издательства “Известия”.

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