Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 1994, 7




The poetry section of the issue is presented by Aleksandr Kushner’s, Olesya Nikolaeva’s and Naum Korzhavin’s poems. Also a poem of the late historian Lev Gumilyov from Emma Gernshtein’s archives is published.

The publication of Daniil Granin’s novel “Flight to Russia” begins in the issue. The author recounts the fate of left-wing American scientists who sought refuge in the USSR during “cold war” times (continued in issues 8 and 9).

The novel of the young writer Oleg Pavlov titled “Conventional tale” tells about the everyday life of militacy garrison guarding a prison full of convicts.

New article of Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn is published in the “Writer’s Diary” section.

“Return to the Context” — the articie of the well-known journalist Dmitry Shusnaryne appears in the “Publicistics” section.

In “Responses and Commentaries” section Alla Martchenko, reflects on the relations between modern Russian culture and new-born business.

“Literary Critics” section presents the dialogue between Alexey Mashevskiy and Alexey Purin “Letters by Telephone or the Poetry at the Dawn of the Century”.

In the “Book Review” section Sergey Kostyrko reviews the prose of St.-Petersburg writer Igor Dolynyak; Marina Novikova of Zinoviy Zinik; Andrey Vasilevskiy of Alexey Slapovskiy from Saratov; Valentin Nikitin — the belles-lettres of Rev. Igor Ekonomtzev.

The essays of the psychiatrist A. Danilin “God ot this Century” are published in the “Editor’s Post” section.

In the section “Shortly about Books” new philosophy works are reviewed.

In the section “Book-shelf” (compiled by Sergey Kostyrko) information about recently published books is presented.

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