Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 1994, 6



The poetry section contains selections of poems by Eugeny Rhein, Eugeny Khramov and Michael Sinelnikov.

Valery Piscunov whose prose was repeatedly published in “Novy Mir” is coming out with his new story “Trumps of one’s own (Hireling’s Comments)” telling about nowadays citydweller who leaves for the Caucasus tryng to make his living by participating in the war there.

Selected chapters of Inga Petckevitch’s “Free Fall” are presented, as well as “rasskaziki” (very short stories) by Andrei Sergeev titled “Exorcism” which are series of parody essays written in 50-th and 60-th with no hope for publication.

In the “Writer’s Diary” section there are new essays of Academician Dmitry Lykhatchev “Yon cannot escape yourself...” on the historical self-consciousness and culture of Russia.

The series of essays by Boris Yekimov “On the way” telling about Russian province also continued in the issue.

In the section “Publicistics” a new essay by Julia Latynina “Democracy and Freedom” is presewted.

Andrey Vasilewsky in the section “Comments” gives an account of Eugeny Dobrenko’s study on Stalin’s period literature; while Andrey Novikov writes about the publication of a well-known book by Erich Fromm about Hitler. In the section “Publications and Reports” are published previously unknown or little-known publicistic works by a famous Russian scientist D. Mendeleyev (published by I. Motchalov), and an article by O. Muravyova “The senseless Shame of Hatred...” analysing A. Pushkin’s poem “To the Slawderers of Russia...” as it was seen by the poet’s contemporaries.

In the “World of Art” section Tatyana Cherednitchenko tells the story of “musical entertainments” and “culture of joy of the past and the present”.

In the “Book Review” section Victor Kamyanov gives the account of A. Adamovitch’s prose; Pavel Basinsky is reviewing recently published novel of the late Dmitry Golubkov; Anatoly M. Kuznetsov writes on the publication of the novels by famous philosopher Alexey Losev; Ye. Oznobkina — on the collection of works by philosopher Marab Mamardashvily; Tatyana Buschuyeva — on the study about general A. Vlasov and The Russia Liberation Army; A. Rutkevitch — on the collection of R. Aron’s lectures “Democracy and Totalitarism”.

In “From the Editor’s post” section Sergei Bocharov enters into polemics with the articles by Pushkin scholar Valentin Nepomnyashchy previously published in “Novy Mir”.

In the “Briefly about Books” section Sergey Kostyrko and Andrey Vasilewsky are reviewing the novelties of modern prose.

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