Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Новый Мир 1994, 3




The poetry section contains poems by Constantin Gadayev, Heinrich Sapgir, and a selection of the late Boris Slutsky’s poems.

Alexander Khurgin’s story “The Door” tells about everyday life of contemporary Russia, while history of the Caucases is the subject of “Mrs. Yenjee the Hapless”, a story by Daour Zantaria, Abkhazian writer.

The section “Diaries. Memoirs” presents a triplet of memoirs “The Three Lives”, by Boris Gusev, Maria Konisskaya and Mikhail Mamontov.

A series of sketches by Boris Yekimov “On the Journey” continues in the sektion “Sketches of Our Days”.

Publicist Andrey Bystritsky in a polemic essay “Nearer to the World” discusses the problem of intelligentsia in modern society.

In the section “Religion and the Modern World” there is an essay by Alexander Shmeman, “Spiritual Destiny of Russia” (publication of S. A. Shmeman).

The section “Publications and Reports” contains Pobedonostsev’s letters to the sisters Tyutchev (publication of Olga Mayorova).

In “Comments” Alla Marchenko criticizes novels nominated for Booker’s Prize-1993.

In “Literary Criticism” one finds Victor Kamyanov’s essay “The Cosmos on the Backyard”.

In “Book Review” Andrey Vasilevsky reviews a new novel by Yuz Aleshkovsky, Pavel Basinsky — a novel by Pyotr Aleshkovsky, Oleg Larin — a dictionary of prisoners’ argot.

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