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Опубликовано в журнале: Нева 2014, 7




Young. about the Young


Prose and Poetry

Varvara Yushmanova. Poems∙3

Victor Akulov. The Shards of the European Dream. Story∙8

Alexander Dobrovolsky. Poems∙ 49

Nicholay Terelev. The Land of Eternal Night. Music has Died. My Star. Stories∙54

Kaleria Sokolova. Poems∙88

Angelina Zlobina. My Summer. Story∙91

Ivan Beletsky. Poems∙114

Ilya Semenov. Evening with Claire. The Bar «Cutter». The Tower Crane. Stories∙117

Petra Kalugina. Poems∙130

Levon Shahnur. The Baby who Swallowed the Moon. Story. Translation from the Arme-nian O. Aznauryan∙135

Sergey Chernov. Live Blood. Iron Legs. Stories∙139


Book of the Fallen

Poets of the World War I. William Hodgson. Wilfred Owen. Gerrit Engelke. John McRae. Prefaces and translation by Yevgeny Lukin∙164


Publicistic Writing

Alexander Melikhov. Science versus Life∙170

Konstantin Frumkin. Sword and Word. On the Correlation between Violence and -Com--mu-nications in Social Relations. Word and Gold. Afterword by Alexander Melikhov∙181


Criticism and Essays

Anton Raikov. Literary Heroes and Work∙194


Petersburg Bookman

The Culture Year. Alla Novikova-Stroganova. The Literary Map of Russia. N. S. Les-kov’s House-Museum in His Homeland (To the 40th Anniversary of Museum Opening). Art of Reading. Alexeу Mashevsky. Derzhavin’s Ode «On the Death of Prince Meshchersky» as Death Reflection Experience. Reviews. Alexander Neverov. Death of Peter III: Another Version. Nicholay Kryschuk. «Death has Passed, and Life does not Suit...». Alexander Melikhov. When the Foam Settles. Pilgrim. Archimandrite Augustine (Nikitin). Russian Pilgrims at the Holy Sites of Greece (Journeys beyond Five Seas). The Singer’s House. Elena Zinovyeva’s publication∙203–254

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