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Опубликовано в журнале: Дружба Народов 2013, 3


ROMAN SENCHIN. “What Do You Want?” A novel

Time: winter-spring of the 2011–2012 years. Scene of action: Moscow. Dramatis personae: the family of the writer and their friends. Narrator: Dasha, the fourteen-year-old daughter of the protagonist. Atmosphere in the family: generally normal. Atmosphere in the society: sharp split. The girl’s character: serious. Background: practically documentary. And all this taken together defines the development of the long short story’s plot.



Almost all the poets in this issue go to the same generation born in the 1970-s or about that time. The poems of INGA KUZNETZOVA and ANDREJ KOROVIN are long and well known to our regular readers. But two women-poets are new guests on our pages: ANNA SHUMSKAYA from Torzhok is seeking for her own identity among the realities of life; GALINA ILYUKHINA from St-Petersburg is putting in order her own spiritual inland where the Dormouse — probably that very one from “Alice in Wonderland” — lives.


GARIJ NEMCHENKO. The Rite of Resurrection.

In his essay the author is — by his own word — meditating “on the now inseparable from each other national cultures both in the Caucasus and in multinational Russia as a whole”.


MAGOMED TOLBOEV, ZURAB GADGIEV. Two Interviews about Dagestan
and Not Only…

Hero of Russia Magomed Tolboev and historian Zurab Gadgiev in their interviews to our correspondent Marija Kalinina are discussing the History and way of life of Daghestans, their adaptation in today’s Russian society, coexistence of peoples and cultures at the North Caucasus, strategic development of the region and many other problems.


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