Опубликовано в журнале:
«Дружба Народов» 2007, №1



“Industrial novel” — what can be more dull? Moreover that in the times of the USSR all the bookshops used to be heaped up with the books of this notorious genre. But Anatolij Azolskij wouldn’t be himself if his “industrial novel” wasn’t full of mysteries, puzzles and adventures.

MARINA MOSKVINA. A House at the Moon.

Muscovites are still being spoiled by the problem of dwelling space, maybe even more than in the times of Voland’s visit to our capital. But what has the Moon to do with it? Don’t ask. Or rather ask nobody but Marina Moskvina and the characters of her nearly cosmic but not without Earth’s attraction novel.

ZAKHAR PRILEPIN. Two short stories.

Did the writer Zakhar Prilepin use to really act as a guard in a bar? In any case another Zakhar, the protagonist of Prilepin’s stories, does. Or rather he does this dangerous in all respects work in one of the stories and does not any longer in the other — he has left the service.

ALEXANDER TARASOV. At the Other Side of the Barricade.

In modern Russia young people have absolutely different starting conditions. Economic, social, property, political interests of different youth groups are often not only opposed but hostile to each other. That’s why they present a mutual threat at individual level as well as at the level of social layers. This thesis among others is illustrated and developed in the article.

EMIL PAIN. Another Is Given.

Expansion of xenophobia in today’s Russia, designers of mythological consciousness, our “progress-minded” intelligentsia, Russian nationalism and extremist parties, capability of Russians for civic self-organization, strategy of national consent — upon all these and other attendant questions is reflecting a well-known political thinker and sociologist Emil Pain.

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