Опубликовано в журнале:
«Дружба Народов» 2006, №3


“National issues” is one of “DN’s” projects meant to contribute to the revival and consolidation of mutual cultural contacts among the peoples of the ex-Soviet territory and to fill in the information gaps which appeared within the last 10—15 years.

This issue is dedicated to the newest Azerbaidzhan literature.

Next to the names that are well-known to the Russian readers for a long time such as Elchin, Anar, Fikret Godji one will meet at these pages the names of prosaists and poets of the new generations; next to traditional mugam — super-modern western minimalism.

Friendly relations between Russian and Azerbaidzhan literary persons number ages and ascend to the great names of Lermontov and Akhundov. So we are trying to do our best to be worthy of this tradition and to contribute to it.

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