Журнальный зал

толстый журнал как эстетический феномен

Опубликовано в журнале: Дружба Народов 2005, 4


OLGA KUCHKINA. The Floor, or And Flew Together the Floods. A novel.

An “iron lady” and a gentleman devoted to the old-fashioned notions of honour and mercy. They used to be in love. They are both caught in the claws of the new objective reality. She is a success, he is a failure. But both are doomed to one’s own defeat. (To be continued)


The author knows what he is writing about not by hearsay and his short stories are as tragicomical as the army life itself in this Russian “hot spot”.

Poems by ALEXANDER TRUNIN, a very interesting poet from Kaluga, move by their ingenuous emotionalism disguised by modest restraint and always end on a philosophic string.

VALENTIN REZNIK’s poems on the Great Patriotic War (1941—45) are utterly honest and frank. Being very laconic (as usually with this author) they are tinged by poetical intuition and marked with exactness of the vocabular choice.

NIKOLAY SILAEV. The Caucasian Challenge.

What did the North Caucasus use to mean for Russia in historical retrospective, what does it mean today and what is the perspective of solving the problems that the region puts before the country now — thus is the subject of the author’s meditations. The article is published within “DN’s” project of the year “Versatile World of the North Caucasus”.

ROGER CAILLOIS. The Life among the Restored Ruins.

Three essays of the well-known French writer and sociologist who objectively analyzes the image of “an intellectual” and thus contributes into the debates which are highly topical both for French and Russian cultures. Introduced and translated by S.Zenkin.

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